About us

The Origin of Nuka Homes

Susana and Javier founded and lead NUKA HOMES, aiming to leverage their extensive experience. They aren’t interested in building new villas or apartments, but rather enhancing existing ones, transforming spaces, infusing them with soul, essence, and light.

Susana is an experienced architect with over 30 years of directing various architecture and facilities projects. She has also managed resources and created new concepts. Her energy is contagious.

Javier is an experienced engineer in the real estate and consultancy realms, though he was also linked to the HORECA industry for several years. He’s passionate about innovation, and as a true Virgo with a Libra rising, he constantly seeks excellence.

Together, they encompass a wide range of knowledge beyond architecture and engineering, having completed various postgraduate programs and complementary subjects. Their focus lies in apartments, houses, and villas with potential for improvement, often concealed within inadequate walls and lifeless spaces—where Susana and her team’s DNA come into play.

They think globally but act locally, forming solid alliances with the best collaborators, artisans, and local businesses—enthusiasts driven by a determination to achieve the best outcome and infuse each property with the essence of the Marina Alta. This involves incorporating fabrics, ceramics, carpets, woods, and some of the delightful surprises found in this Mediterranean paradise.

Trust, reliability, and authenticity are essential values for Susana and Javier. Each renovation is an exciting endeavor, combining high-quality standards with an element of surprise. The result exudes enchantment and a unique atmosphere that immediately makes you feel comfortable and eager to explore every corner of your home.

We bring experience and an exclusive style

Our technical team comprises architects, engineers, and decorators with extensive experience in captivating projects and works.

We employ a personalized style to create comfortable and bright spaces, with attractive and welcoming décor and furnishings, while integrating the latest technologies.

Your trust, our responsibility

At Nuka Homes, we take care of everything—from finding the best purchasing opportunities to handling the project, its transformation, construction, decoration, and furnishing. We do it all efficiently and conveniently.

We think global, we act local

We have the best local collaborators in all the unions.

We work with artisans and designers to make a property into a home, incorporating the essence of the Marina Alta: such as fabrics, ceramics, rugs, aromas and many surprises this Mediterranean paradise offers.

Our partners

We manage the short-term rental of our homes, and we do it with personality.