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of properties that have a hidden soul

Are you looking to invest in a real estate product with a guaranteed success, continuous appreciation, an excellent annual rental yield, and the flexibility for you to use whenever you want?

Increasing Property Values

A prime location is essential for successful real estate investments, and Jávea more than meets this requirement. Historical data shows an annual average increase in market value exceeding 5% (7.8% over the last 5 years).

Short-Term Rentals

Vacation rentals in Jávea are in high demand and command top-tier prices. Remote work opportunities have also opened up new rental prospects. Nuka Homes’ transformed and managed properties stand out from the competition due to their style and amenities, making them truly appealing and sought after.

Full Availability of the Property

As the property owner, you’ll have complete freedom to use it as you prefer. If you’d like us to manage short-term rentals, we’d be delighted to do so, but you’ll also have the flexibility to use it whenever you wishAs the property owner, you’ll have complete access to it as you prefer. If you want us to manage short-stay rentals, we’d be happy to, but you can also use it whenever you wish.

We Guarantee for You

A space arrangement that unveils comfort, light, freshness, and charming nooks you didn’t think existed.

A ‘wow’ design for your personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

A lucrative opportunity to generate income through tourist rentals in one of Spain’s most thriving markets.

A unique chance to turn the added value of your property into cash.

The advantage of offering you personalized vacation rental management tailored to your needs.

Ongoing care and maintenance of your property, ensuring it always looks as good as the first day.

Invest in Jávea

If you already own a property in Jávea, we will be your best choice for enhancing it, turning it into a KOS, and ensuring you truly feel at home in it.

If you don’t own one yet and wish to make a sound investment, we will handpick the finest opportunity for you.

If your goal is to enjoy a vacation in Jávea or engage in remote work in an unparalleled location, we might just have the space of your dreams.

Why Choose Us?

Your trust is our responsibility. Trust in us, we take care of everything, boasting a proven track record in transforming dull and uninspiring properties into remarkable spaces.

We achieve the highest vacation rental income in Jávea.

Our team is highly professional.

With expertise in distinctive architectural features.

We collaborate with the finest professionals and artisans in the region.

How Do We Add Value?

Phase 1: Preparation

During this phase, we lay the foundation for a successful investment journey. We sign a contract with you, outlining our collaboration, services, and commitments. We then proceed to identify the perfect property that aligns with your criteria. We negotiate the purchase price and finalize the deposit agreement with the owner. Our team develops a preliminary design and conducts a thorough evaluation. This phase typically lasts for 3 to 6 weeks.

Phase 2: Purchase and Launch

Once we’ve found the ideal property, we guide you through the purchase process. If you already own it, fantastic, the first step is taken! We’ll make you a proud owner and take charge of drafting the project. We’ll work closely with you to establish a budget and finalize quality specifications. We handle all necessary procedures, including obtaining construction and tourism licenses. The “turnkey” contract signing solidifies our commitment. This phase takes about 4 weeks.

Phase 3: Construction, Decoration, and Furnishing

Now comes the exciting part: transforming the property into an extraordinary space. Our experienced team executes construction work with precision. We oversee the entire process, ensuring the completion of works and installations, on time, within agreed quality and price. We obtain the energy efficiency certificate, and our designers bring their creativity to furnish and equip the property. This phase takes place between 14 to 18 weeks, depending on various factors we’ll discuss with you.

Phase 4: Rental Management

Our contractual relationship might end if you decide not to rent out your property at any time. We respect that, but we understand that maximizing your investment includes generating rental income. Our rental team takes charge of promoting the property across various networks and platforms. We attract potential tenants, manage the entire rental process, and provide you with periodic reports. Rest assured, we’ll take care of all aspects of rental management, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Custom Solutions for Your Mediterranean Investment Journey

Whether you already have a property or need comprehensive assistance, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

During the preparation phase, we discuss and adapt your requirements for a seamless experience.


My two apartments embody what I understand as Mediterranean, and I enjoy them when I occupy them. When I saw them in their original state and Susana explained what she would do to improve them, I didn’t believe the result would be so astonishing.

My objectives in investing in Jávea through Nuka Homes have been varied, and I’m pleased to have achieved them. My investment is secure and will appreciate, the spaces are beautiful and encourage me to spend many moments of my life in them. I achieve a good return through tourist rentals, maintenance is impeccable, and… I forget about any kind of management!

CRISTINA V. Owner of K-Alma and K-Moon”

My investment in Jávea had a clear profitability objective, so I turned to bank financing to leverage it. The result is that rental income easily covers the amortization payments and interest. The apartment has significantly increased in value, and if I were to sell it, I would make a good profit. I enjoy it from time to time, proudly show off my apartment… What more can I ask for?

I have to thank Javier for discovering this magnificent investment for me and handling all the procedures related to search, purchase, financing, permits, and Susana for adding that touch of distinction.

CÉSAR G. Owner of K-Colors”

I am an architect, and I got to know Jávea through photos. I entrusted Nuka Homes with the task of finding an apartment with specific conditions. They presented me with several alternatives, and I chose an old and ugly apartment with potential for improvement, placing my trust in Nuka Homes’ judgment for its transformation and decoration. The renovations were carried out without my physical presence, and I arrived in Jávea to discover this beautiful city at the same time as the completely finished apartment – it was a fantastic surprise!

Now, I enjoy our lovely apartment with my family when we come to Spain, and when we’re not here, Nuka Homes rents it out and takes care of it.

ALEJANDRA O. Owner of K-Space

My family owned a small fisherman’s house in Jávea’s Port. It had a ground floor and two additional floors connected by a common staircase. The house was rented, but the rent wasn’t high due to its discomfort and lack of appeal.

Then I was fortunate to meet Susana and Javier, and they told me about their clever transformation plans for my house, individualizing the floors and giving them a beautiful Mediterranean style. The result is K-Waves and K-Sun, and Nuka Homes takes care of absolutely everything: rentals, maintenance, repairs, promotion…”

JOHN P. Owner of K-Waves and K-Sun

Discover How We Turn a Standard Residence into a KOS Home

Before and after Nuka transformation

Investment profitability

TOP TEN investment qualities


Investment in one of the prestigious coastal cities on the Spanish Levante with one of the world’s best microclimates.



Significant added value through Premium design, decoration, and equipment.


No commitment to long-term tenants, unlike the 5-year contracts required in traditional long-term rentals.


Complete, personalized, and guaranteed management by the Nuka Homes team.


Rental profitability around 5% annually on the investment.


Guaranteed obtaining of the tourist license.


Average annual increase in property value of over 7%.


Possibility of personal use of the property whenever the owner desires.


Transfer tax (ITP) applied to a lower percentage than the total investment, and tax deductions for rentals.


High-quality and beautiful beaches, coves, and marine waters.

We will welcome you as you deserve and ensure you have everything you need.


You’ll receive a Welcome pack as a token of our appreciation for choosing us.

You’ll also notice that the bed linens, towels, tableware, cutlery, soaps, and all other amenities will meet your expectations.

You can have coffee or tea in the house, and if you want to enjoy a snack, you’ll find a pantry stocked with products at your disposal.

What about the idea of telecommuting from Jávea?

Our apartments have been designed and equipped to accommodate this new ‘sport’: telecommuting. We guarantee you a bright and comfortable space, high-speed Wi-Fi, a comfortable desk and chair, and a friendly environment.

When your workday ends, you’ll have at your feet Jávea, the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful Sierra de la Marina Alta, the terraces of the Port and the Arenal, a paradise-like climate, and plenty of natural light.

Experience the difference:

Invest with Confidence and Intelligence

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