Nuka Homes

Our mission is to transform properties into managed investment dream homes

What do we do?

Essentially at Nuka Homes we take care of everything for you; We select the best property opportunities and transform the Mediterranean dream into reality.


Properties in Jávea and Marina Alta

Let our property scouts look for the house of your dreams and our designers and construction teams develop it into a bespoke property that can generate a high profitability in return.

Rental management. KOS Identity Seal

Our formula is different and innovative just ´leave it to us.´. We will manage all the challenges associated with procuring, transfroming  renting and property mananagment


Jávea as the essence

We use the local essence of Javea to achieve the best results in everything we do


Exclusivity and comfort

To transform your home we utilise our local artisans, designers and craftsmen from the Valencian Community. To offer a total unique experience to the rental sector we use exclusive products from the Marina Alta to tatalize your guests with gastronomic delights.

KOS style

KOS means taking pleasure and to embrace the simple things in life.

Our bespoke short term rental service offers a personal touch with a local artisan flair.

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