What do we offer?

We find the perfect property for you

Transformation of properties for exclusive private use

We take a property and develop it into a turnkey bespoke home, providing everything you need for a hjgh quality day-to-day living.

Transformation of properties for investors

Invest in a property, invest in your future.

We identify properties that not only meet your requirements but also offers investment opportunities including future increase values of the property and profitable rental.

Why not have it all and look at countryside properites and still near the sea!

We ensure to select the perfect home to match your dream, with KOS style, close to the sea, but also close to the wonderful mountains “Sierras de la Marina Alta”.

Why not investing in a real estate product with guaranteed success, that is continuously incrementing value, has a magnificent annual rental yield, and that you can use whenever you want to?

Property scouting

A good location is essential to succeed in real estate investments, and Jávea fully meets this condition. Historical data shows an average of an annual capital gain of more than 5% of ROI.

Short stay rentals

Jávea is a demanding area for short term vacation period with high rental rates. Remote working also opens up new type of rental guests . Nuka Homes properties are exclusive from the rest of the local offers, due to their special high-standard decoration and style, hence very attractive and provides a higher demand and revenue.

Home sweet home

You have full availability, means whenever you want to use your own property just let us know.in advance and the rest of the year we manage the rental for you.

Investment advantages


Investment in one of the most prestigious coastal citiy of the region of Costa Blanca with one of the best microclimates in the world as per the WHO.


Important added value through premium design, materials and equipment. KOS Identity Seal.


Short-term rental contracts. No commitment contract to stay with the tenants, compared to 5 years in the traditional long stay here in Spain.


Full property management customised and guaranteed by our Nuka Home team.


ROI of 5% per year on the invest.


We guarantee Tourist Licence for all properties.


Increase of Value of the property itself. In average an annual capital gain greater than 5%.


Full availability for your personal use of your home.


ITP (QUE ES ESTO, Javier???)applied on a percentage lower than the total investment, and tax deductions for rent.


Stunning beaches, coves and high quality marine waters

Learn how we transform a standard property into a KOS home

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Rental management

We will receive you as you deserve and we will make sure that you do not miss anything

Part of it is the Welcome pack to thank you for choosing us.

You will also notice that the sheets, towels, crockery, cutlery, soaps, and all other accessories, will be above the standards.

And if you want to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, you have a full equipped kitchen with Mediterranean and Marina Alta products.


What do you think of the idea of remote working from Jávea?

The current pandemic has forced us to change many things in our lives and has discovered a new way of working that has proven its efficiency and advantages: remote working is here to stay – why not working in front of the sea?

We guarantee you a comfortable space, with high-speed Wi-Fi, a suitable table and chair, as well as a monitor to connect to your laptop.

Once your working day is over, you will have the the Mediterranean Sea walking distance as well as the wonderful mountains of the Marina Alta, the terraces of the Port and the Arenal, a unique climate and more sunhours through all the year.

We manage the rental of your home in short periods in an exclusive style

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